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August 2016

    Cape May Weekend

    This past weekend I went to Cape May for one of my best friend’s, Lanie’s bachelorette parties!  Lanie and I went to college together, were in the same sorority, were also roommates and were pretty much attached at the hip during college.  She’s one of the sweetest girls I know and we had such a blast in Cape May celebrating one of her last weekends before she becomes a married woman!  Her wedding will be in October in Martha’s Vineyard and I CANNOT WAIT!  Martha’s Vineyard is such a beautiful island and an October wedding is going to be stunning.  I had such a blast catching up with Lanie and the rest of the girls, and I didn’t want to sneak away from the festivities to take photos, so these photos are actually from Hilton Head, where I went two weekends ago for a family trip.   Read more


    Family Weekend at Hilton Head

    This past weekend we went to Hilton Head to spend time with family.  My husband’s Mom and Stepdad retired and moved from Virginia to Hilton Head last winter.  They were looking for places to retire to, and once Jeremy found out he got his job offer in Atlanta, his parents purchased their place in Hilton Head.  We spent the weekend with my husband’s parents, his sister Molly and his sister’s best friend Sarah.

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    Summertime Office Attire

    • Shop the Look Above:  Blouse: Pleione // Pencil Skirt: Lou & Grey // Sunglasses: Tory Burch // Wedges: Aerosoles

    My husband and I both work at consulting firms and have pretty hectic schedules during the week.  We both need to dress business casual or business professional depending on the day since we have client-facing careers.  My husband travels Monday through Thursday every week to his client site.  I’m lucky and only have to travel occasionally.  During the summer, my husband still needs to wear suits, which is unfortunate for him since its so hot out.  Luckily being a woman I can get away with a blouse and pencil skirt.  I’ve talked to my husband and we’ve both outlined our looks for styling professional in the office for these hot Atlanta summer days!  Read more


    Bohemian Rhapsody

    Being 5 foot 2 I always run into the issue of dresses or pants being too long for me or tops just not fitting right.  The places I shop at most frequently like Loft, Ann Taylor or J Crew all have petite sections which make it easier to find clothes that fit my body.  It’s really frustrating have to pay for the clothes at a retail store and then having to pay extra at a tailor to get it altered.  I recently got a bridesmaid dress hemmed in Atlanta and all they did was shorten the dress and tighten the straps a bit and it was $160!  Since I just got married myself, I understand that weddings are expensive, but that seemed a little ridiculous in my opinion for minor alterations.  I’m always on the lookout for new companies that specialize in petite clothing so I don’t have to deal with having to pay extra at a tailor.   Read more


    Girls Night

    Saturday night I had a girls night.  My husband was out of town visiting friends in NYC so I had our place all to myself.  When we moved to Atlanta I was worried about making new friends.  Most of my friends are in the Virginia and the D.C. area.  Jeremy is lucky because a lot of his friends from business school moved to Atlanta.  I love all his friends but they are mostly guys.  I need girl time sometimes.  Luckily I’ve met so many great girls here.  I have a great group of girls at work and I’ve met some others through a few degrees of separation.  It was fun to relax on Saturday, drink wine and get to know one another better.   Read more