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    New Orleans Jazz Fest & Heritage Festival 2018

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    The weekend of April 27 to April 29, Jeremy and I visited our friends Kristyn and Jason Schellhaas in New Orleans. I’ve only been to New Orleans once before, and that was a few years back to visit them. Last time I unfortunately came down with a horrible bug and was extremely sick the entire weekend. So, this time I was looking forward to being healthy and being able to taste the New Orleans Cajun style food and drinks. Jeremy and I met Kristyn and Jason while living in DC and have stayed in touch with them after they moved to New Orleans and Jeremy and I moved to Atlanta. We had an amazing weekend filled with perfect weather, great friends, fabulous food, drinks and live music.  Read more


    Kathmandu & Pokhara, Nepal

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    Jeremy and I had an amazing opportunity to visit Nepal with his Uncle Byron, Aunt Cynthia (the aunt and uncle who we visited over Thanksgiving to their vacation home in Ojai, California), sister Molly and his Aunt Cynthia’s best friend Donatella. Jeremy’s family has donated to Mercy Corps, a global non-governmental, humanitarian aid organization for the past 10 years. Mercy Corps specializes in operating in areas that have undergone/are currently undergoing various forms of economic, environmental social and political instabilities. So, Mercy Corps is really making a difference in the world.  Read more


    Green Dress Outfits That Will Make You Want To Buy One

    Firming Up Your Curves For Summer Or for the day when the casual look is right for the day. Pairing a black slip with a green dress or top will make you look chic and fashionable. A simple outfit for the office with a t-shirt and bag can look chic when you add a pair of strappy heels. A pair of ripped jeans on a green or black color will look fabulous with a long sleeves dress or dress over. If you’re going to opt for a very casual look or one with a trendy, off-the-shoulder look, the first thing you should try is not to pay too much attention to the details. A simple, simple dress in bright colors that highlights your features will make your look sparkle. If you want to make a statement, that’s up to you, but remember to avoid super high necklines or tight necklines. A black dress in very delicate patterns with very delicate sequined accessories is very good for the evening.

    A good combo for a casual look could be a long sleeved green dress in a bright light green. You may also decide to wear a bag and black lipsticks, mascara and rouge and take care of your hair in just one hour. However, the last thing you want to do while getting ready in a top-notch green dress is to visit a barber for your haircut. To get you ready for the day in style, dress in bright colors in the summer months when the casual look is right for you. Flattering summer dresses with a vibrant pop of color will boost your mood and make you look gorgeous. You might opt for very short green dresses if you’re trying to keep it easy in the summer or wear more modest forms of wear the same.

    To remain on trend in the summer, opt for short dresses in warm shades. Dark hair in tousled style with touches of bright color in the face will bring out the best in your look. Adding a sexy lip to your face in a stunning green or black color will make you look great and the outfit will be ideal for parties, elegant evening events and work. To give your look a nice, fresh and bright touch, play with your hair styles, choose a bold lip color, wear it tied with a stylish necktie or wear it loose. Hair is one of the best accessories to add a special touch to your outfit and make it spectacular. When you’re looking for the perfect hairstyle, always opt for long hair that reaches down to your waist. Long hair with voluminous curls will give you a lovely natural look and you’ll look terrific when you wear a hair accessory like a stylish headband or a lovely headband set in a big hoop. It’s good for those looking to stay on the fringes of the green dress trend, but it’s also a perfect hair accessory to add a nice glamour and make you look stunning. Are you interested in looking prom dresses green? Check out the full dress range at

    If you’re looking for a quick DIY DIY to get your hair ready for a green dress, check out this video. Your hair will make your day even more beautiful, which is why you should put a good deal of care into your hair. Comb your hair in different directions every night before you head to bed to style it, or invest in a good hair dryer which is sure to get your hair perfectly washed and conditioned. Your day is a beautiful thing and you should try to make sure you spend it in the best possible manner.


    Mood & Muse

    On June 18, 2016 Jeremy and I got married at Pippin Hill Winery in Charlottesville, Virginia. My wedding day was the best day of my life, as it should be. In addition to spending the day with your family, friends and husband, it’s the one day where you can make it all about you. So, that’s where an amazing glam squad comes in. I absolutely loved Brianna Adams, my hair stylist and Gohar Adams, my makeup artist. Both are extremely talented and travel all over to do hair and makeup.

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    Tulum Mexico

    I went to Tulum, Mexico for a last minute girls weekend. My best friend Joanna (and one of my bridesmaids) had planned a trip with another one of her friends Alexa from Houston, Texas. On New Year’s Day they both decided they needed to get out of the cold weather and planned a trip to visit Tulum, Mexico. Luckily they ended up having room in their Airbnb and so I bought a last minute plane ticket to join!

    I’d previously visited Tulum in 2013 with my husband and his family. We stayed in a villa on the beautiful sandy beaches of Soliman Bay, about 20 minutes north of Tulum in Riviera Maya. For a family vacation, I highly recommend renting a house as it’s great to all spend time together rather than having 5 different hotel rooms. But, for a girl’s weekend our Airbnb in Tulum was absolutely perfect! Our Airbnb was located outside Tulum and about a 10 minute drive or 20 minute bike ride to the beach. Read more


    Weekend Festivities

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    The weather has been beyond freezing. This does not come to a shock to anyone who is currently located on the east coast. Jeremy and I have been hibernating and rarely leaving our condo. However, I forced myself to be social and get out of the house this weekend.  Read more


    Hilton Head Christmas 2017

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    After spending Christmas in Virginia with my family, I flew home on Wednesday December 27 to Atlanta for a night. Then, on Thursday December 28 Jeremy and I drove to Hilton Head, South Carolina to visit his mom, step-dad and sisters.  Read more


    Christmas 2017

    As I’ve recapped in prior years (see 2015 and 2016) Christmas is my favorite holiday to spend with my family. I flew home to Virginia on December 23 and spent four days with my family. Christmas Eve is our big night with my mom’s side of the family. My mom is one of 6 siblings and all my aunts, uncles and cousins live in Northern, Virginia. My grandmother used to host Christmas Eve dinner. However, the last couple of years my mom has hosted since my grandmother now lives full time in Florida. Then, Christmas day we spend the morning with my mom opening our stockings and presents. Then we spend the afternoon and have dinner with my dad and step-family. Read more


    Holiday Party Dresses

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    As I stated in my last La Vie Petite post, holiday parties are in full swing! Saturday night we had my husband’s holiday party at the Fernbank, a Natural History Museum in Atlanta. Then, later this week I have a holiday party with my coworkers at my Partner’s home in Buckhead, Atlanta.

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    The Perfect Holiday Earrings

    I still cannot believe Thanksgiving is over and we are already in the first week of December! With the holidays just around the corner, I’m starting to get invitations to various parties. I love the holidays and enjoy dressing up for special events; it really gets me into the holiday spirit. A little sparkle goes a long way, since my style is very classic. Adding a piece of statement jewelry to my outfit is the perfect way to get glammed up.