Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

After our time in Split, Croatia we hired a private driver, Mate to drive us from Split to Dubrovnik.  Mate came highly recommended by my best friend and her mother who had used him the prior summer.  On Friday August 16, Mate picked us up from our Split Airbnb and we had a lovely day with multiple stops on our way to Dubrovnik.  Along the way he provided us with a detailed history of Croatia and the surrounding countries.  I cannot say enough good things about Mate.  He has his own tour company, so use Mate on your next drive from Split to Dubrovnik, or if you are looking for a private tour or excursion!  Also, this is not sponsored in any way.  We really enjoyed our day and would recommend Mate to family and friends.

Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Our first stop along our drive was Mostar, about 2.5 hours from Split.  Mostar is a city in southern Bosnia and Herzegovina, straddling the Neretva River.  We first visited Mostar’s iconic Stari Most (Old Bridge), a reconstructed medieval arched bridge.  The Old Bridge is famous for divers jumping off after they get enough money (mostly from tourists). While we were there we watched a professional diver jump off the bridge and had the best view from the rocks below the Old Bridge.

After watching the divers, we had Turkish coffee in one of the oldest towers in Mostar, built in 1566 overlooking the Old Bridge.  Mate used to live in Mostar and knows the owners of the building (had a shop below the tower).  Having authentic Turkish coffee in a historical tower overlooking the Old Bridge was the most magical experience of our day.  We would have never been able to experience that without having Mate as our guide.

After drinking our Turkish coffee, we walked around the city of Mostar and went shopping.  The alleys are full of shops and market stalls, and Mate took us to an UNESCO approved shop and we purchased an authentic Turkish coffee set (now sitting on our bar cart at home). Our last stop in Mostar was lunch at another one of his friend’s restaurants and then we continued on our journey.

Milos Winery

Our next stop was wine tasting at Milos Winery, a family run winery in Boljenovići, Croatia. One of the sons gave us a tour of the family cellars and provided us a history of his family’s winery. Then, we did a tasting and purchased a few bottles of the red wines we loved.

Oyster Farm

The last stop of our drive (before Dubrovnik) was a secluded oyster farm off the side of the road in Croatia.  We purchased a dozen oysters which they pulled fresh from the water and shucked right in front of us.  After enjoying the fresh oysters we relaxed for a few minutes by the water and then continued our last stretch of the drive to Dubrovnik.


After our lovely day trip and private drive we ended at our Airbnb in Dubrovnik.  Next post I’ll recap our time in Dubrovnik!



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