Mykonos, Greece

After our couple of days in Athens, we took an early morning flight on Friday August 23 to Mykonos. Mykonos has a reputation as being a party island, but while in Mykonos we did the exact opposite of partying. We relaxed and recharged at the Aegon, a brand new Marriott Autograph collection hotel at Kalo Livadi beach in Mykonos.

Aegon, Marriott Autograph Collection Hotel

I cannot say enough good things about the Aegon – from the gorgeous property, to the fresh and organic food, to the impeccable customer service. The Aegon just opened in August, so it was only the second or third week the hotel had opened when we arrived.  The poolside rooms are complete, but the beachfront rooms will be completed in 2020.

Before we arrived, the head of guest relations, Manos, contacted Jeremy to see what we wanted to do during our stay. Then, when we arrived, a driver picked us up at the Mykonos airport and drove us to the hotel. After we checked in, Manos upgraded us to a villa with a private pool. We loved being able to relax in our own private area. In addition, during our stay we were allowed to use the Blue Marlin beach club free of charge since the Blue Marlin is affiliated with the Aegon hotel.

Every day we would wake up early, go to the gym, eat breakfast and relax by the beach. At night we would have an early dinner at the hotel, or order room service. We’d go to bed before people woke up to get ready for the clubs.  We are probably the lamest people that have ever been to Mykonos, but we loved resting, exercising, eating healthy, and spending the days at the beach.

Mykonos Town

One of the days we rented a car and drove into Mykonos town to walk around and see the famous windmills and other sites. Mykonos transportation is limited. There are only a handful of taxis in the area, so taxis are extremely expensive. The best way to get around the island is to rent a car. Again, the Aegon made everything so easy. They coordinated having the rental car company bring the rental car to us and then picked it up the next day at the hotel after we were done. Mykonos town is fairly dirty and crowded. You don’t need more than an afternoon to walk around.

Even though we didn’t go to any clubs, we loved our time in Mykonos. We are glad we stayed in a nice hotel away from the crowds.  On Wednesday August 28 we took a ferry to Santorini, Greece for the last week of our 5 week extended vacation.



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