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I used Wedding Paper Divas to send out my save the dates.  Wedding Paper Divas is the best online stationary company and has save the dates, bridal shower invitations, wedding invitations, thank you cards and pretty much anything wedding related you would need.  I recently found out that Wedding Paper Divas has a 12-month wedding planning timeline as well!  Their wedding planning timeline is actually really useful because it breaks out the major things you need to do up-front and then what you need to do, as it gets closer to your wedding.  Some topics in the timeline are similar to my suggestions in my prior post “Wedding Planning Tips.”  However, now that I’m getting close to our wedding (only 3 months away) most of my weekend is making sure I’m checking off all the small things I need to do.  It’s the small things that are such a pain.  Some of the major takeaways from Wedding Paper Divas’ 12-month wedding timeline are:

  1. Determine your wedding budget.  An integral part of your wedding planning, creating a budget before you start serious planning will help you prioritize vendors, narrow down choices and make your big day less hectic. It’s important to remember who will cover each aspect of the budget—you and the groom, your parents, other family members or a mixture. While checking off big budget items like venue and food are important, do not forget smaller hidden costs, such as vendor gratuities, delivery fees and dress preservation
  2. Have family help out—or hire a planner.  After creating your wedding budget, you should have a better idea of what you need to hire for and what you want to DIY. If you know you’re going to need an extra set of hands, start reaching out to family and friends to see who might be available to help. Or, if you prefer and your budget allows for it, consider a wedding planner to help bring your dream day to life.
  3. Pick a date and schedule venue tours.  Consider all of the options! It always helps to have a small handful of wedding dates in mind so you’re not feeling stuck if venues are already booked. With your available dates in hand, start scheduling and visiting potential locations for your ceremony and reception. Consider the general look and feel of your wedding day, in addition to details like guest count and weather.
  4. Plan and host your engagement party.  Your engagement party is a time to gather family and friends to celebrate your upcoming nuptials. Location and theme are entirely up to you and your soon-to-be. Will you go with a classic backyard gathering at Mom and Dad’s, an intimate dinner with close family or something else? Whatever you choose, keep in mind your engagement party will be the first time many loved ones from both sides are meeting for the first time!
  5. Pick your bridal party.  Now the bride gets to pop the question—to her closest friends! You and your partner should decide who you want to be in your bridal party. There are many ways to ask friends and family to participate, including a heartfelt “Will you be my bridesmaid?” card.

Since our wedding is 3 months away, according to Wedding Paper Divas, I need to:

  1. Plan and book your wedding cake.  Cake tasting is (literally) the most delicious part of wedding planning. Today’s weddings often feature cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, macaroon towers and other creative dessert spreads. The sky is the limit! Choose sweet treats that the two of you will love.
  2. Attend your bridal shower.  Attending your bridal shower is fun, but it doesn’t always feel natural being the center of attention. Try to let those butterflies go—it’s time to sit back and let someone else do the planning for a bit.

Well I am on track for 3 months out!  Jeremy and I are headed to Charlottesville, Virginia next weekend to meet our wedding baker, do our cake tasting and have my hair and makeup trial!  Then the first weekend in April I’m going home and my Mom and sisters are throwing me a bridal shower!  I cannot believe we are at the 3-month mark.  I’m over the moon and cannot wait to get married!  Hopefully for those ladies who just got engaged, or are getting close to the actual wedding day, Wedding Paper Divas’ wedding planning tips help you!







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