Family Wedding in Knoxville, TN

Over Memorial Day weekend I spent time with my Dad’s side of the family for my cousin Victoria’s wedding. Victoria and I are only a year apart. So, growing up we were always very close. Victoria is such a beautiful person inside and out, and found her perfect match in Alex, her husband. It was so nice to see everyone for Victoria’s wedding since my Dad’s side of the family is fairly small but are all spread out.

My Dad and Stepmom live in Virginia near my Mom and sister Caylen. Aunt Linda (Victoria’s Mom), her boyfriend and my Grandmother live in Bradenton, Florida. Then, my Dad’s brother, my Uncle John, his wife Aunt Marcelle and my two cousins Melissa and Leah live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I’m the oldest of all girl cousins. So, we always joked it was going to take a very special guy to be able to join our all female clan. Luckily Alex, Jeremy and Steven (my sister Caylen’s boyfriend make the cut).

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