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Hilton Head Thanksgiving

My husband and I celebrated Thanksgiving in Hilton Head.  Jeremy and I drove to Hilton Head Wednesday afternoon and had dinner with his Mom and Stepdad that evening.  Luckily we didn’t hit too much traffic on the drive to Hilton Head.  Wednesday night we watched ‘Jaws’ because Jeremy had never seen it.  Probably a weird move to watch the night before Thanksgiving, but the movie is still a classic.   

Thanksgiving Day

On Thanksgiving day we woke up and watched the Macy’s Day parade.  Then around lunch time we walked around their neighborhood.  Hilton Head was hit horribly by Hurricane Matthew.  Luckily my in-law’s home only had flooding in the basement.  Their basement is only for storage since the basement is technically a flood zone so it can’t be finished.  But still, some items in storage were ruined and had to be thrown away.  They are storing a bunch of our wedding presents, but luckily they were all OK.

However, as we walked around the neighborhood, docks were completely torn apart, dozens of trees were lost and were piled up on the side of the street for FEMA to pick up.  FEMA will be in Hilton Head for at least the next 6 months, if not more, to help assist with the damage caused by Hurricane Matthew.  Seeing the debris and destruction made me even more thankful that my family is safe.  After we walked around the neighborhood we walked along the beach and then headed home to get ready for Thanksgiving dinner.

For Thanksgiving dinner we headed over my in-laws neighbor’s home.  Their neighbors are about the same age as my in-laws and have grown kids my age.  It was really nice having dinner with family and new friends.  After dinner my husband and I were lazy and just watched a movie and went to bed.

Remember to Take Time and Enjoy those Special Moments

I’m participating in the Timex campaign to remember to #TakeTime and enjoy those special moments. I’m very particular about watches – and rarely wear one,  but I love my new Timex watch and have been wearing it every day.  The Timex ‘Fairfield’ watch is very neutral and goes with anything. The leather strap is a gold tone and the face of the watch is white.  As the campaign is focusing on special moments, I couldn’t think of a better opportunity than to take time with family and friends over Thanksgiving.  I know everyone gets busy on a daily basis, but the holidays are such a wonderful way to push the pause button and realize what really matters – the people who love you.

Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving.



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