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Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Every holiday season I stress over what gifts to get my loved ones.  The hardest person to shop for is my husband.  He has everything he needs and if he wants something he just buys it for himself.  Over the years I’ve learned what gifts he really loves and uses.  Here are some holiday gift ideas for the guys in your life as well as gift ideas for your girlfriends and sisters (from some items in my closet that I love and wear daily).  

Holiday Gift Guide for the Men in your Life

A Gentleman’s Trove The Whiskey Enthusiast Gift Box

I got this whiskey gift for my husband and I know he’s going to love it.  This is the perfect gift for the man who appreciates a good glass of whiskey. This box features an Oak Bottle that allows you to bring the best of your whiskey within a matter of hours, enjoy it in a fine glass with the Riedel Nachtmann Bossa Nova Whiskey Tumbler, and more ($99.99;


The Collegiate Holiday Box by Stewart Simmons

The perfect gift for the sports fan in your life. Hand packed with a collection of boutique collegiate attire and accessories, each box is personalized and one of a kind ($75;



If any new technology comes out, my husband wants it right away.  Here are some of the electronics we have in our house that my husband uses on a daily basis.


My husband is very particular about his clothes.  I’ve turned him into quite a diva.  He gets his suits custom made, but for his weekend wear he lives in jeans, button downs and boots.

Holiday Gift Guide for the Women in your Life

Makeup and Skincare

I’m very particular with my skincare and makeup.  I stick to my tried and true brands and don’t deter much from my routine.  Here are some products that I use on a daily basis.


Here are some clothing and accessories that I own and love!

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