Bridal Shower

Two weeks ago I went home to Virginia for my first bridal gown fitting at Hitched Salon (the cutest boutique bridal store ever) in Georgetown and on Saturday my mother and two sisters hosted the most beautiful bridal shower for me!  My two younger sisters and I have always been extremely close our entire lives, which is rare since we are all girls and very close in age.  My sisters are both my Maid’s of Honor and they have gone above and beyond the call of duty.  The bridal shower was just perfect.  My mom and sisters stuck to my weddings colors for the shower: pink, blush and gold.

My one sister was in charge of decorations and my other sister was in charge of the food because she’s an amazing cook.  My poor sister had to lug all the decorations from New York City, on the train to D.C.  She said she was hitting people with her huge bags.  My other sister made the most amazing menu and surprised me with the most beautiful rose cupcakes.  They invited all my friends and family and it was so nice to see everyone.  I hadn’t seen everyone since I moved in August!  I came home for Christmas and saw some friends and family, but time always flies by during the holidays.

My sisters also surprised me with the “newlywed game” and had my fiancé film himself answering all the questions on his iPhone.  Jeremy was the star of my bridal shower!  I about died when I saw his handsome face come on my mom’s TV.  He hates photos and videos, which is ridiculous because he’s so incredibly handsome, but it was so sweet he did that to surprise me.  I ended up winning by the newlywed game by 1 point!  At the end of my shower I was sad to see everyone leave, but I know I’ll be seeing everyone in about 2 months for our wedding.  I’m really so blessed to have such loving friends and family.  They mean the world to me.



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