Electric Red Chateau Parka

The weather has turned to winter in Atlanta so I’m in full on hibernation mode.  I’m not a huge fan of cold weather.  Part of the reason my husband and I moved further south is because we are such babies when it comes to the cold.  I don’t go outside unless I’m completely bundled, or else I’ll likely complain and annoy my poor husband.

Electric Red Chateau Parka

Last year I bought this red JCrew Chateau Parka because my friend Ashlee from the Cobalt Chronicles had the jacket. The jacket is pretty pricey, so I was eyeing it for a while on JCrew and then the jacket went on sale!  I am horrible with wearing colors and almost purchased the JCrew Chateau Parka in black but then I went with electric red!  I’m so glad I did because the red color really stands out and I get compliments almost daily on this jacket.  It’s definitely one of my favorite winter jackets. In my prior Holiday Gift Guide 2016 post I included this Chateau Parka as one of my favorite gift ideas for ‘her’! Luckily right now JCrew is having a 40% off sale for coats and jackets and 30% for everything else. Use code HOLIDAY.

Holiday Party

Now that it’s only 2 weeks away from Christmas we are in full on holiday mode.  This past weekend we attended my husband’s holiday party.  The holiday party was held at Atlanta’s High Museum. The High Museum has a collection of classic and contemporary art and award-winning architecture.  One of my favorite pieces they were showing was one of Monet’s ‘House of Parliament’ paintings. We had a lovely time at the party.

Sunday Brunch at Morningside Kitchen

On Sunday I met one of my girlfriends for brunch at Morningside Kitchen.  Morningside is such a cute area.  If we ever think about purchasing a home in Atlanta, I’d love to live in Morningside or Virginia Highland.

I had a such a fun weekend – even in this cold weather, thanks to bundling up in my Electric Red Chateau Parka!




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