Family Weekend at Hilton Head

This past weekend we went to Hilton Head to spend time with family.  My husband’s Mom and Stepdad retired and moved from Virginia to Hilton Head last winter.  They were looking for places to retire to, and once Jeremy found out he got his job offer in Atlanta, his parents purchased their place in Hilton Head.  We spent the weekend with my husband’s parents, his sister Molly and his sister’s best friend Sarah.

Molly lives in Chicago and she came in town for the weekend.  She got in late Thursday night so we left early Friday morning.  Jeremy travels for work every week, so he flew into Hilton Head Thursday night and we met him there.  Sarah was kind enough to offer to drive.  The drive to Hilton Head is such a long stretch of nothing.  We wanted coffee for the longest time and there was NOTHING on the road.  We had to settle for gas station coffee that tasted like gasoline.  Luckily we made great time and we got to Hilton Head around lunchtime.  My in-laws live in a beautiful house on the water.  Retired life is nice…

Friday afternoon we went out on the boat and connected one of those huge inflatable tubes to the back of the boat.  My husband and I went on the tube together, but I kept flying off the tube every time the boat started to get fast because Jeremy is so much heavier than I am.  I was just flailing about like a fish out of water.  I was definitely the entertainment for everyone, and after about 3 or 4 runs on the boat, I was done.  After we spent the afternoon on the boat, Friday night we cooked dinner, relaxed and watched the Olympics.

Saturday my husband and his sister’s friend Sarah went deep-sea fishing with a captain who’s a friend of his parents. I get extremely sea sick in deep water so I passed on that and hung out at the house.  I went paddle boarding off the dock of the house and suntanned at the pool.  Jeremy caught a black-tailed shark when he went deep-sea fishing, but he set it free.  The captain of the boat was in the news this year because he caught a 14 ft, 2500 pound, great white shark.  If Jeremy and Sarah had been in that boat when he caught that great white shark I would have had a heart attack! Saturday night was pretty much the same as Friday night.  We made dinner, relaxed and watched the Olympics!  Go team USA!

Sunday we headed out around lunchtime and drove back to Atlanta. It was such a great time visiting family and my husband and I’ll be back to HiltonHead Labor Day weekend because one of my best friend’s is getting married and I’m the Maid of Honor.



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