Summertime Office Attire

  • Shop the Look Above:  Blouse: Pleione // Pencil Skirt: Lou & Grey // Sunglasses: Tory Burch // Wedges: Aerosoles

My husband and I both work at consulting firms and have pretty hectic schedules during the week.  We both need to dress business casual or business professional depending on the day since we have client-facing careers.  My husband travels Monday through Thursday every week to his client site.  I’m lucky and only have to travel occasionally.  During the summer, my husband still needs to wear suits, which is unfortunate for him since its so hot out.  Luckily being a woman I can get away with a blouse and pencil skirt.  I’ve talked to my husband and we’ve both outlined our looks for styling professional in the office for these hot Atlanta summer days!  During the summer I like to wear lightweight blouses with pencil skirts or slacks.  I rarely wear sweaters in the summer, unless the blouse I’m wearing is sleeveless.  My favorite designer for work blouses is Pleione.  Pleione is a brand that is sold at Nordstrom, but you can find last seasons blouses at Nordstrom rack, which is wear I get most of mine.  I don’t care if my blouses are last season, because I’ll wear black or other neutral colors all year round.  I always wear a camisole under my blouses to be conservative.  I get my basic camisoles from Ann Taylor Loft.  I’ll shop at Ann Taylor Loft Ann Taylor for pencil skirts or slacks because I love their petite section.  I also love anything from Anthropologie and I’ll just pay extra to get it tailored if it doesn’t fit.  Some of my favorite summer looks are:

My husband likes to invest in quality pieces, that are more expensive, but he’ll have forever.  As long as men don’t gain weight, they are pretty lucky and can keep pieces forever.  My husband has to wear suits or a nice blazer with slacks at his job.  He is tall and slender, so he can’t get a suit off the rack without major alterations.  He has gotten really frustrated with buying an item off the rack suit and getting it tailored, so he searched for a custom tailor.  He found Sid Mashburn, a high-quality men’s shop founded in 2007 in Atlanta where he’s been getting all his custom clothing.  Sid Mashburn also has stores in Dallas, Houston and Washington, D.C. Sid Mashburn isn’t cheap, but the service is top notch and the quality is impeccable.  Under all his suits he swears by Tommy John undershirts.  He wears them every day to work because they are super comfortable and light.  He gets hot easily and the Tommy John shirts keep him cool.  He likes to invest in shirts that he know he’ll wear every day – they are also known for their no adjustment needed men’s underwear.  Check out some of my husband’s favorite looks:

xx, Lauren
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