Sequin is a NYC based design studio founded in 2000 by two sisters. Sequin’s jewelry is a mix of both current trends and also timeless classics. I gravitate towards the timeless classics as my style is more feminine. Sequin’s NYC studio handcrafts all their jewelry pieces. In addition, most pieces are 22K gold with semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystals and other high-quality details.


The force behind Sequin’s vintage-inspired and fashion-forward aesthetic are sisters Kim and Linda, along with Creative Director Tara Malkovich. Kim, Linda and Tara travel the globe in search of inspiration and unique, high-quality materials to be incorporated into the collections. Most recently they traveled to Marrakech, Paris and London. As a result, Sequin provides a variety of jewelry options for different tastes.


On a daily basis I don’t wear much jewelry. But, the jewelry I do wear are dainty, feminine pieces. So, when I saw Sequin’s teardrop earrings I had to have them. The Royal Teardrop earrings feature rectangular baguette-cut crystals arranged in a classic teardrop shape. The earrings are such a flattering silhouette with just the right amount of sparkle! Plus, the earnings are made out of 22K gold with antique, satin finish & Swarovski crystals. The earrings are simply stunning and completely versatile. These earrings will be making an appearance at upcoming holiday parties. I still cannot believe its already October. You can shop below some of my favorite items from Sequin. I’ve included a range of more affordable every day jewelry, to some dressier pieces.


In addition to making awesome jewelry, the owners believe in giving back to the community. Animal Welfare and Breast Cancer Awareness are Sequin’s two focuses. Thus, Sequin’s showroom in NYC is home to shelter animals. In addition, Sequin just launched a Breast Cancer Awareness Collection with some amazing Pink styles. Any purchase from the collection in October will donate 25% of the proceeds to Breast Cancer Research Foundation.
Thank you to the darling Morgan from Morgan Hayes Photography for taking my photos.

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