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Over the years I’ve realized the importance of investing in quality skincare products. Luckily I’ve inherited great skin (thanks Mom and Dad), so I never used to care about spending a lot of money on skincare products.  However, it’s not just the way you look but also how you feel inside. There are so many great skincare products out there. Therefore, it’s really just a personal preference. But, I recently started using products from a new skincare company, TULA and I love them!


TULA is a relatively new skincare company.  The company was founded in 2014 by:

  1. Dr. Roshini Raj, a practicing gastroenterologist and media wellness expert (CNN, The Today Show, Medical Editor of Health Magazine and best selling author);
  2. Ken Landis, Co-Founder of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics; and
  3. Dan Reich, a tech entrepreneur.

TULA’s belief is that ingredients that are good for your internal health are also great for your skin. The company utilizes topical probiotics, or “good bacteria,” that helps fight inflammation and restore the natural balance of the skin’s microbiome. TULA products use patented probiotic technology to deliver skin-nourishing benefits. This allows the skin to be more resistant to damaging environmental conditions and combat and prevent age-related changes. If you want to enhance your appearance without the use of needles or invasive treatments, Ultherapy can be the best option to give you a more youthful appearance without using needles or toxins, as explained by My Botox LA Med Spa website.

Skin Care Products

I recently started using TULA’s “Hydrating Day & Night Cream” and the “Exfoliating Treatment Mask with Probiotic Technology.” I use the Hydrating Day & Night Cream every morning and night after I was my face. My Mom got me the Clarisonic Mia 2 for Christmas, which makes my skin extra fresh and clean. The TULA cream is is thick, rich and nutritious.  The cream hydrates my skin and reduces the appearance of lines and stress.  I stare at a computer every day – so I really need to get rid of those stress lines!  In addition, the cream has made my skin super soft. I put the cream in my refrigerator, so when I put it on my face it is cold and feels amazing. Once a week I use TULA’s Exfoliating Treatment Mask. The treatment mask is super gentle and exfoliates old, dead skin cells to reveal the look of a hydrated, glowing complexion. The treatment mask works wonders on my skin. My skin is left feeling hydrated and youthful. I’m also a big fan of West Dermatology’s SkinMedica AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser to get rid of all that sunscreen you wear throughout the day, see and shop more at Skin Care Products West Dermatology.

In all the products are fabulous. First, the products come in a a beautiful blue container.  I place all my products on my bathroom vanity and having beautiful presentation really makes a difference. Second, the products have made a difference on my skin. If you sign up on the website, you can get 15% off your first purchase!

Let me know if you have any other go-to skin products I should try out!




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