Lounging Around Attire

Like the rest of the east coast this past weekend, Atlanta had inclement weather, which basically shut the city down. The South does not know how to handle bad weather. Friday night and Saturday morning we got freezing ice and rain. I spent the weekend snuggled up on the couch. The only times I left the house were to go shopping for a bit on Saturday (because not even inclement weather can keep me from shopping) and to run errands on Sunday. 

Lounging Around

Since we both have such hectic schedules, I look forward to weekends where my husband and I have zero plans. We both get obsessed with TV shows and just binge watch. Our new obsession is Amazon’s “The Man in the High Castle.” When I lounge around our place I live in oversized sweaters and leggings. Previous brands of leggings I’ve worn have gotten holes in them because the material is too thin. In addition, I hate when the material is too thin because then the leggings don’t keep you warm. Since I’m always cold, I layer in clothing that is snuggly and warm.

I got a pair of Comm-ci’s black high-waisted leggings and I’m super impressed with the quality. First of all, I love how the leggings are high rise; the leggings suck the rolls in. Second, the material is super thick. When we went to run errands on Sunday I wore them and my legs were still warm.  With other legging brands, the wind would go right through them. I love comfortable clothes that are fashionable and fit my body well. Since Comm-ci’s quality is so great, I can definitely dress up or dress down these leggings. Plus they have six different legging style options to choose from:

Use Coupon Code: LaurenNicole20 to get 20% off a pair of Comm-ci’s leggings!



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