Hilton Head Christmas 2017

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After spending Christmas in Virginia with my family, I flew home on Wednesday December 27 to Atlanta for a night. Then, on Thursday December 28 Jeremy and I drove to Hilton Head, South Carolina to visit his mom, step-dad and sisters. 

Hilton Head, South Carolina

As much as I love my in-laws and visiting Hilton Head, I wish it was closer. I’m a baby when it comes to driving and 5 hours in the car is a long time for me. I get really antsy. Luckily Jeremy and I broke up the drive. When we arrived to Hilton Head in the evening, we had dinner with his mom, step-dad and sister. Then we exchanged Christmas presents. His mom and step-dad said we wouldn’t get our big present until the next day. I thought we were maybe going to get some water accessories for the boat, but they surprised us with a helicopter tour of Hilton Head island!

Hilton Head Helicopter Tours

I had never been in a helicopter before, and it was the coolest experience! A helicopter feels extremely different than a plane ride; a helicopter feels like you are riding in a magic carpet. You don’t need a runway to lift off. It feels like you are floating in the air as you ascend into the sky. Hilton Head Helicopter tours is managed by a husband and wife team. The wife helped us get situated safely in the helicopter and then the husband was our tour guide. We had perfect weather with clear, blue skies.

There are a few different helicopter tour options you can choose from. We went on the eco tour and it is perfect for nature lovers. We flew over some of the most beautiful and remote beaches in Hilton Head that cannot be accessed unless by helicopter or if you happen to know the owner of these private islands. We saw shipwrecks, a deserted lighthouse and old fishing cabins. Along the way we also saw two enormous great white sharks fairly close to the shore. Jeremy’s sister Molly reaffirmed her decision to never go back into the ocean. 🙂 At this point in my life, I realize that giving and receiving gifts is great, but sharing experiences with one another is even more special.



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